4 Hours (Clock DVA Cover)

by Lust Era

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Art Fin
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Art Fin 2015 cover of the 1981 7" single by Clock DVA. Before Clock DVA became all-electronic they started as an experimental punk band in the Sheffield UK "industrial" scene that also birthed Cabaret Voltaire. This cover is a welcome and faithful homage to this dark song. Here is the sinister-sounding original: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sputl2yAbfQ
and rare Clock DVA live 1980:
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This midmorning awakening
This bleak whiteness, nothingness
The eye that stares through your mirror
A suction entanglement
On stained sheets
Figures with no regrets
Their doubts caste a shadow here
The time drifts
The time swells
The skies melt
In my dream I am older
Everything is soft out of focus
There's this sound which disturbs me
A clarinet plays in the distance
Everything turns black and white
I must go to work
I know where it is
I've been there before
I'll go there this time
They will not have to force me
I'll go there willingly
I'll go there today
This could be New York
This could be London
I don't care anymore
I'm wearing this suit
A black suit
I'm wearing this time
A black tie
I'm carrying this case
A black case
I walk down the street
The people are staring
The taxi cab is slower
A piano falls from above
It smashes in front of me
I fall to the floor
I open this door
I'm back in my room
I see two people asleep
This midmorning awakening
This bleak grey whiteness, nothingness
The eye that stares through your mirror
A suction entanglement
I see two figures asleep
They look older
You look Older
We're all older
Let us join them in their dreams
We're only four hours
We're only four moments
We're only here too long


released January 10, 2015
Album cover by David A. Arraya.




Lust Era San Juan, Puerto Rico

Raw, wiry and dark romanticism. Post-punk and synth-rock grandeur.

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